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If you’ve been handed a design qualification in an overzealous ceremonious manner, along with those high achievement awards and well wishes for your future in the industry, you’ve likely felt a false sense of security with your own capabilities. That confidence landed you your first design job, and all was well until you walked into the office, were seated at your desk and then felt that HOLY-SHITBALLS-WHAT-AM-I-DOING feeling come on nice and strong. You’re not alone, and if you haven’t felt this feeling, well I totally didn’t either…

I was lucky enough to land my first job in a pretentious-free design space, with a mid-weight designer above me, who is highly approachable and doesn’t have a condescending bone in her body. Unfortunately, other juniors aren’t as lucky. somewhere in the space between junior and senior, something seems to happen. Those in the game the longest, seem to forget what it was like starting out. Admittedly, us n00bs sometimes don’t shake that false confidence, and come across as ‘closed books’ in terms of continual learning. Anyhoo, before I stereotype too much, what I want to introduce to this space are links to pages that have helped me considerably, have useful information or are just so gosh-darn pretty that you just must take a look!


This site is an amazing visual explanation to how info graphics can transform boring-as-shit data into easy to read and understand information. The majority of my day  job involves data visualisation, so you’ll be able to see why it’s been a godsend. Check out the motion graphics as well, it’ll leave your synapses tingling!

2. Column Five

Again, a rad site for info graphic inspiration. What I really like about this site, and why I find it so relevant is the content is interactive to the user. The elearning courses we design are highly interactive, and after designing constantly it’s sometimes hard to open your mind up to different interactive possibilities in a fairly constrained program.

3. Designspiration

An oldie, but a goodie. I primarily use this site to compare my lackluster, fully furnished (by the owner) tacky beach themed rental to amazing interior design possibilities. It’s basically the equivalent to checking out a prize-home, choosing your would-be bedroom and then leaving with your tail behind your legs back to your rented shack, all without leaving your broken computer chair!

Well, that’s all for now. These are really high traffic, easy to find links but they really help in the day-to-day. I’ll be posting many more, regularly! In the mean time you can follow me on instagram @delilahsays and I’d love to hear what links help you out!

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RAW:natural born artists, Brisbane

I’ve been meaning to post about my experience taking part in an art show in Brisbane called RAW a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been busy busy (lazy). If you’re a young artist, new to the game and interested in a bit of exposure, read on my friend.
So, what is RAW? You ask in that polite voice I love about you. Well, it’s a monthly event that selects emerging, independent artists to showcase their work in a massive night of creative entertainment. The event showcases visual artists, musicians, photography, jewellery design, performing arts, film and fashion. Each artist is required to sell 20 tickets for $15 and in return they are given an audience, professional head shots and a video interview to use for their portfolio.
I was originally contacted a couple of months ago via my Etsy store by the event manager, Kristen. I’d never heard of RAW so I was slightly hesitant and opted to do some research before I accepted the invitation. Because the event is so new in Australia I could only find reviews from America where the nights have been running for the last 4 years. The reviews were mixed, with people having a problem with the ‘pay to play’ concept for artists. I was concerned with the ticket side of things because it was difficult to  reassure myself that a) I even knew 20 people and b) whether those 20 people would travel an hour to check out my work. I obviously highly overlooked the massive role my friends play in my work. They’re pretty freakin’ rad, basically.
I obviously ended up accepting the invitation and, Let me tell you friend it was WELL worth it! The event manager was super supportive leading up to the event. She ways consistently available to answer any queries, solve any problems and motivate to sell the tickets. The night was massive, I’ve never had so many people look at my work and I was genuinely overwhelmed and taken aback by the support of strangers. I ended up selling more than 20 tickets and met some amazing artists who were also taking part in the event.
RAW is growing Australia wide this year and you’ll be able to find the show in most of the major cities. You can also submit your work via their website. So, if you’re questioning whether you should take part, stop thinking, and just do it. The ticket part was easy, and the night was awesome, you should of been there!

Here a some happy snaps from the show (photos courtesy of, my own snaps and Emily Nelson photography).

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Face Study of Cara Delevinge

After a weekend of absurd over-indulgence, too much alcohol and a solid house clean, I finally worked through my procrastination to do a face study. I’m attempting to follow the design moto of “when you know the rules, you can break them”. So I’ve decided to step back a bit and really start to focus on technique. The reference photo I used was that of Cara Delevingne. Of course I’m nowhere near mastering the ability to replicate the photograph enough to be able to tell it’s her! Anyway, I thought I’d post the progress shots to show my particular technique. I’d be happyto hear any tips/feedback or links to your own progress shots. XX


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So You Wanna Be an Artist?


The quality of work by female Australian artists around at the moment is at a level that should cause some apprehension to those of us just getting started. Instead, beautifully crafted technical pieces by artists like Bec Winnel and Miso (to name a few), inspired me to stop thinking about creating and actually start to make art. So, it’s lead me here. I’ve completed my formal design education, started my real-world design job and now I’m keen to see the progress I make with my own art. I’d like to be some kind of help to those starting out, like other artists have been to me. So you wanna be an artist? Why would you leave a stable career path? You couldn’t possibly make it in such a competitive, fickle industry. Your art is derivative, and is generated from poorly conceived ideas. You’re basically a piece of talentless shit.

Oh… you’re still here?

You passed the test, you beautiful, creative son of a bitch! Chances are, no amount of public Criticism is anywhere near as bad as the way you scrutinize your own work. We’re creative, semi self-loathing beings. And you can totally be an artist. You ARE an artist.

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